What Should Be Noted In The Production Of Concrete Spun Pole Spinning Machine?

Pulished on Jun. 03, 2019

As a High Pressure Block Making Machine Supplier, we believe that the Concrete Spun Pole Spinning Machine often has the following conditions during production:

(1) Shantou machine: the eccentricity of the hoe and the strength of the hoe are not up to the specified requirements, which will cause the ribs and cramps, resulting in bending and deformation of the pole;

(2) The tensioning machine: the jack oil leakage, the failure of the tension meter, etc. cannot accurately indicate the prestressed tension value. The actual tensile stress of the prestressed steel wire exceeds the longitudinal crack; the actual tensile stress of the prestressed steel wire is too small, and the prestressed steel wire does not effectively preload the concrete of the circular cross section of the electric pole. In this case, the circumferential direction is easy to occur crack;

(3) The blade of the concrete mixer is seriously worn, resulting in uneven mixing of the concrete mixture, which makes the concrete mix poor in workability;

(4) The wear of the rod mold is uneven, the horizontal interface is not tight, and the pole is leaking;

Concrete Spun Pole Spinning Machine

(5) The rod running wheel and the centrifuge supporting wheel are seriously worn, and the wheel diameter error is formed. The concentricity of the centrifuge is not good, and the rod mold cannot be smoothly operated on the centrifuge, causing the rod mold to jump during centrifugal forming, and the centrifugal speed is not Going, resulting in poor compactness of the pole, the outer surface of the pole is shattered, the inner wall is slumped, the exposed ribs and even the loose bolts cause the joint to leak.

(6) The rigidity of the rod mold itself is not enough, which may cause the bending of the pole to exceed the standard, crack and so on.

In view of the above situation, by strengthening the equipment management of Concrete Spun Pole Spinning Machine, timely maintenance, and repair of critical equipment, eliminating and eliminating the adverse effects caused by equipment tooling defects, ensuring that the Concrete Spun Pole Spinning Machine equipment is in good condition and meets production. Demand, to lay a good foundation for improving the quality of poles.