Power protection for the Cement Pipe Machine

Pulished on Sep. 03, 2019

The power supply is an indispensable condition for the operation of the Cement Pipe Machine, so the daily protection of the power supply is particularly important. Concrete Electric Pole Machine Supplier recommends that the protection of the Cement Pipe Machine power supply can start from the following points.

Concrete Pole Machine

Concrete Pole Machine

1. For the voltage requirements of the starting equipment, the high voltage is generally 380v-410v, and the low voltage is controlled at 330v-360v. The power line grounding device should be well installed. The power supply equipment should be equipped with a protective cover device to prevent sun and rain.

2. For the choice of the power cord, choose a relatively thick wire, usually 25mm2 aluminum wire or 16mm2 copper wire. If the line is too thin, it will cause the Concrete Pole Machine to operate at low pressure, which is a great hazard to the equipment.

3. The equipment power manager should look for a professional electrician to be familiar with the internal and power connections of the equipment. When a fault occurs, it can be processed in a timely and effective manner.