How To Operate Power Pole Machine Correctly?

Pulished on Jun. 10, 2019

As a Concrete Electric Pole Mould Supplier, we introduce the correct operation of the Power Pole Machine to everyone.

1. Before using the Power Pole Machine, first, check whether all the connecting parts of the transmission are normal. Then remove the positioning pin and pull the movable door-frame outward and rotate it by 90° to make the hanging roller shaft out of the door frame and bracket and in a free state. The tube mold to be suspended is lifted from the vehicle into the suspension roller shaft, and then the door frame is closed so that the suspension roller shaft is supported in the sleeve, and the positioning pin is inserted into the positioning hole. Then, the cement pipe mold is dropped, so that the inner hole of the retaining ring at both ends of the die is pressed against the suspension shaft, the wire rope is removed, the driving is removed, and the vehicle is ready to be driven.

Power Pole Machine

2. Start the speed regulating motor so that the suspension roller shaft drives the mold to idle. After normal operation, the conveyor is started to start feeding the material to the receiving hopper. Then, it is fed into the mold through the conveyor belt, and the concrete is gradually compacted by the action of centrifugal force, roller pressure and vibration force. After the molding, the feeding belt is taken out of the mold, and finally, the main motor is turned off.

3. After the compact molding, the mold is lifted by the driving, so that the hanging roller shaft and the inner wall of the mold are formed overhead, the door frame is opened, and the mold is slowly removed from the hanging roller, and the hanging roller shaft is placed on the maintenance trolley to be steamed into the kiln. Raise, and finally restore the movable door frame to its original state, complete the entire production process of a fistula.

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