Basic Knowledge Of Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Pulished on Apr. 28, 2019

As a Paving Brick Machine Supplier, let us introduce some basic knowledge of hydraulic brick machines.

1. Hydraulic circuit: A hydraulic device consisting of various hydraulic components with certain functions.

2. Spool type valve spool (cylindrical valve core): A part that cooperates with a cylindrical sliding surface to open and close the flow path when it moves in the axial direction.

3. Circuit diagram: A hydraulic circuit diagram represented by a hydraulic graphic symbol.

4. Drainage: The return of oil or such oil from the channel (or pipeline) in the hydraulic component to the tank or current collector.

5. Hydraulic station: A hydraulic source device consisting of a hydraulic pump, a drive motor, a fuel tank, a relief valve, or the like, or a hydraulic device including a control valve.

6. Oil leakage: A small amount of oil that flows out from the part that should be sealed under normal conditions.

7. Rated pressure: The highest pressure that can be used continuously.

Lego Brick Machine

8. Static seal: used for the static part to prevent liquid leakage.

9. Back pressure: the pressure applied in the opposite direction of the oil return side of the hydraulic circuit or the pressure acting surface.

10. Dynamic seal: used for sealing the opposite sliding part.

11. Impact pressure: The maximum value of the rising pressure during the transition.

12. Fluid clamping phenomenon: In the interior of the spool valve, due to the unevenness of the flow, the pressure distribution on the central shaft is unbalanced, and the spool is pressed against the valve body (or the valve sleeve) so that it cannot move. The phenomenon.

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