Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine Should Be Checked And Maintained Regularly

Pulished on Dec. 29, 2018

1. It should be frequently checked whether the seal of the fully automatic Hydraulic Block Machine bearing housing is outstanding. The grease in the bearing housing should be filled once a month. The oil change and oil felt should be cleaned every three months.

2, after the normal operation can be added, the feeding should be uniform, should avoid mixing iron hard objects.

3. After the pressure plate is loosened, the rotor body is exposed at both ends of the hammer, and the body is hit, and the damage is caused.

4. When the hammer of the mixed active cement hydraulic brick machine needs to be adjusted 180° due to wear, the weight of each plate should be balanced and balanced to avoid a sensation after the counterattack.

5. After the maintenance or adjustment of the discharge opening, the hydraulic concrete block machine should first use the manpower to change the rotor, acknowledging that the rotor does not conflict with other parts and catch the appearance and can be sensitively changed.

6, in order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, in the machine operation to stop repairing, adjustment and finishing operations, to stop opening various small doors

7. When checking whether the fasteners can be loosened, you should check the platen screws of the compression plate hammer on both sides of the rotor.

8. When the particle size of the fully automatic hydraulic concrete block machine is too large, stop the hammer wear condition to avoid the rotor being worn out.

9. Before the machine is stopped, the feeding must be stopped first, and the material is broken at the end of the machine and then the motor is stopped.

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