What should Electric Pole Mould do if it is bumpy?

Pulished on Oct. 25, 2019

        Eletric Pole Mould is a constrained profiled outer mold used in the production of cement pole equipment. In the process of cement pole production, the most frequently used hoisting is the mold. Of course, the mold is also a large proportion of investment. The difference between the quality of the mold and the quality of the mold is relatively large, and the quality of the finished cement rod is The appearance is also different, so the choice of good quality electric pole mould has become one of the must-have lessons of the pole factory. In addition to choosing a high-quality pole mold factory, there are various mold errors caused by various operational errors in actual production. How do we renovate after the deformation? As a Concrete Electric Pole Machine Supplier, I will discuss with you the recovery of the pole mold after deformation.

Electric Pole Mould

Eletric Pole

  The way Eletric pole mould causes deformation is diverse. Now let's comb the main parts of the mold deformation as follows:

  Eletric pole mould longitudinal deformation of the longitudinal ribs caused by the fall;

  Eletric pole mould cracking deformation of the ring;

  Eletric pole mould deforms and wears the interface

  Eletric pole mould bolts are bent and deformed;

  Bump deformation of the Eletric pole mould flange.

  Most of the longitudinal rib damage is caused by long-term use and repeated steaming and hoisting. The longitudinal rib-cracking will cause the yoke of the mold to affect the butt joint of the mold clamping to form a burr. In the solution of the solution, first, select the press to correct the mold back to the horizontal position, and then strengthen and weld the upper and lower sides of the mold by repairing the reinforcing ribs to avoid the difference between the two halves of the mold and the reinforcement of the longitudinal ribs. The parts are welded and returned to use.

  The slight snagging deformation of the hoop tends to be less affected. When encountering a large buckling deformation, it is only necessary to correct the return of the ring rib by a fire roast, a press, or a forceps.

  If the mold is deformed at the interface, it is troublesome. Firstly, if the deformation size is broken, if it is only bent at the scene, the fire-baked press is modified, and the curved part is extended by 1 meter on one side to increase the ring-shaped rib and the longitudinal rib. Deformation site. The heavier damage needs to be returned to the factory for renovation, and the worn parts can be repaired by manual grinding after manual welding.

  The bolts on the mold are often deformed by collision. The damage of the bolts is nothing more than two ways, normal wear, and collision deformation. These conditions need to be replaced. If the lifting lugs of the lifting bolts are deformed, they need to be replaced. Immediately deal with the replacement, to avoid further damage of the mold, after the bolts are all fixed, the damaged bolt will be used for a long time, and the deformation of the interface will need to be replaced immediately.

  The flange of the pole mold We are talking about the flanges at both ends of the mold. This position is also the position that often collides with the bending deformation. If the flange receives a violent impact, the deformation and cracking also need to be repaired in time. This position can only be passed through the press. The pressure will be corrected after the flange is returned to the position and pulled up to supplement the ribs or drilled to strengthen the strength to prevent deformation.

  The above are some small processing methods after the bumps of the poles for everyone. I hope that friends can learn to repair the pole molds used for long-term injuries. Our company also has a Diesel Block Making Machine for sale. Welcome everyone to consult.