Teach you to properly maintain the pole steel mold

Pulished on Mar. 29, 2019

The Concrete Pole Machine is a mold for the production of cement poles, which are tailored to different poles depending on the requirements. Because the understanding of this kind of mold is not sufficient, many staff members will also have some errors when using it, and there is no maintenance operation for the steel mold. In the following content, we will introduce the maintenance method of the pole steel mold in detail.

Method one, clean the pole steel mold joint

No one can guarantee that the staff must be responsible. If the joint of the pole steel mold is not cleaned, it will increase its wear level. This requires our staff to make a cleaning shovel according to the joint groove, and each time the used mold is cleaned up until the cleaning is completed.

concrete pole machine

Method two, should be carefully assembled and carefully checked

If it is a new centrifuge, the pole steel mold should be placed on a horizontal centrifuge for docking and assembly after the centrifuge is levelly installed. Keep the centerline parallel to the horizontal line of the centrifuge and do not assemble it at random locations.

Method three, clean up the production workshop

Not only must we clean up the joints, but we must also clean them up in the production workshop. Place it on a flat surface to avoid long-term deformation of the steel mold due to ground problems.

In addition to the above three methods, in order to maintain the maintenance of the electric pole steel mold, the mold bolts of the steel mold should be oiled every day. The use of automatic wrench should be moderate, generally 4-5 kg. It is found that the damaged bolts should be replaced in time, and the pull-tabs should be carefully cleaned and brushed for oil maintenance. Only by doing every step of the above steps can we maintain the pole steel mold.

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