The Choose of Concrete Spun Pole Machine

Pulished on Mar. 26, 2019

At present, domestic and foreign concrete pole factories go out to produce reinforced concrete Concrete Pole Machine, and more and more concrete pole factories produce concrete hollow electrospinning rods by centrifugal forming technology.

Why choose the centrifugal spinning machine according to the diameter of the grinding wheel? 

1. A concrete rod mold with the same weight and a larger wheel distance will be heavier. The length of the concrete electric mold has the same diameter at the top. If it is longer and heavier, a higher wheel diameter is required. 

2. Load strength, load refers to the stress that concrete electric molds can withstand, and higher stress and heavier concrete electric molds require larger and thicker wheels. Then select the small wheels as needed; if necessary, choose a larger wheel. Centrifugal spinning machines cannot be customized and manufactured until the concrete bar mold strength is confirmed, and the weight is based on the required length and stress of the concrete bar mold. 

3. The right is the best. If a very small concrete pole is produced with a high centrifugal spinning machine and a high concrete pole mold, the motor also needs higher power. As the power of the motor increases, the production cost of future production will also become higher and higher. For example, small concrete poles with a length of no more than 10 meters use small concrete pole molds; if it is a high bending moment of concrete poles, concrete pole molds will require larger diameters and larger wheels.

4. There are different power needs and different needs.

You can match different materials according to different production needs.

The Choose of Concrete Spun Pole Machine

Our Concrete Spun Pole Machine have the advantage as follow:

1. equal diameter steel mold specification and conical steel mold specification.

2. good service before and after sale concrete street pole moulding machine.

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The Choose of Concrete Spun Pole Machine